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Beyond Belief : contemporary art from East Central Europe / Organized by Laura J. Hoptman. -- Chicago : Museum of Contemporary Art, 1995. -- 149 p. : pictures, photographs. -- Content: Foreword; Kevin E. Consey -- Introduction; Richard Francis -- Acknowledgments; Laura J. Hoptman -- Seeing is Believing; Laura J. Hoptman -- Romanian Democracy and Its Discontents; Roxana Marcoci -- Between Institution and Tradition: The Artist in Search of Freedom; Anda Rottenberg -- The Old Attitude and the New Faith; Piotr Piotrowski -- No One Has Ever Seen God; Iaroslava Boubnova -- Too Much Subjectivity?; Ludvik Hlavacek -- Post-Totalitarian Blues with a Happy Ending; Jiri Sevcik and Jana Sevcikova -- From Transformation to Mutation: Slovak Culture and Its Teething Pains at the End of the Twentieth Century; Ada Krnacova-Gutleber -- East Central Europe from the Perspective of a Hungarian Curator; Laszlo Beke -- Timeline: East Central Europe 1945 to 1995. -- ISBN 0-933856-38-5

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