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KLEIN, Naomi, 1970-

No Logo : no space, no choice, no jobs / Naomi Klein. -- London Flamingo, 2000. -- 490 p. -- Content: A Web of Brands -- New Branded World -- The Brand Expands: How the Logo Grabbed Center Stage -- Alt.Everything: The Youth Market and the Marketing of Cool -- The Branding of Learning: Ads in Schools and Universities -- Patriarchy Gets Funky: The Triumph of Identity Marketing -- Brand Bombing: Franchises in the Age of the Superbrand -- Mergers and Synergy: The Creation of Commercial Utopias -- Corporate Censorship: Barricading the Branded Village -- The Discarded Factory: Degraded Production in the Age of the Superbrand -- Threats and Temps: From Working for Nothing to "Free Agent Nation" -- Breeding Disloyalty: What Goes Around, Comes Around -- Culture Jamming: Ads Under Attack -- Reclaim the Streets -- Bad Mood Rising: The New Anticorporate Activism -- The Brand Boomerang: The Tactics of Brand-Based Campaigns -- A Tale of Three Logos: The Swoosh, the Shell and the Arches -- Local Foreign Policy: Students and Communities Join the Fray -- Beyond the Brand: The Limits of Brand-Based Politics -- Conclusion: Consumerism Versus Citizenship: The Fight for the Global Common. -- ISBN 0-00-255919-6

Literature - Non-fiction

Radicalism - Social change - Conflict of generations

2450 LN 019 Murad, S. - Advertising
9524 LN 025 Klvaňa, T. - Global Media Seminar

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Murad, S. - Advertising LN 019 2450 Dostupné
Klvaňa, T. - Global Media Seminar LN 025 9524 Dostupné
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Murad, S. - Advertising 1 0 1 0
Klvaňa, T. - Global Media Seminar 1 0 1 0


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