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Global culture : media, arts, policy, and globalization / edited by Diana Crane, Nobuko Kawashima, and Ken'ichi Kawasaki. -- 1st ed. -- New York : Routledge, 2002. -- 286 p. ; ill. -- Content: Culture and globalization : theoretical models and emerging trends; Diana Crane -- Subsidizing the arts : government and the arts in Western Europe and the United States; Stefan Toepler and Annette Zimmer -- Building national prestige : Japanese cultural policy and the influence of Western institutions; Kuniyuki Tomooka, Sachiko Kanno and Mari Kobayashi -- A drama of change : cultural policy and the performing arts in Southeast Asia; Jennifer Lindsay -- Identifying a policy hierarchy : communication policy, media industries and globalization; Alison Beale -- Urban cultural policy and urban regeneration : the special case of declining port cities Liverpool, Marseilles [and] Bilbao; J. Pedro Lorente -- The local and the global in popular music : the Brazilian music industry, local culture and public policies; Luciana Ferreira Moura Mendonca -- Cultural policy as marketing strategy : the economic consequences of cultural tourism in New York City; Rosanne Martorella -- Democratization and institutional change : a challenge for modern museums; Catherine Balle -- Cultural policy and the city-state : Singapore and the "New Asian Renaissance"; Kian-Wook Kwok and Kee-Hong Low -- The immaterial city : Ferrara, a case study of urban culture in Italy; Maria Antonietta Trasforini -- Blackface in Italy : cultural power among nations in the era of globalization; Richard L. Kaplan -- Markets and meanings : the global syndication of television programming; Denise D. Bielby and C. Lee Harrington -- Globalization of cultural production : the transformation of children's animated television, 1980 to 1995; David Hubka -- From western gaze to global gaze : Japanese cultural presence in Asia; Koichi Iwabuchi. -- ISBN 0-415-93230-0


Mass Media - Mass Media - Cultural policy

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