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WEBER, Larry

Marketing to the social web : how digital customer communities build your business / Larry Weber. -- 2nd ed. -- Hoboken : John Wiley & Sons, 2009. -- 246 p. -- Content: The web is not a channel (and you're an aggregator, not a broadcaster) -- Community and content : the marketer's new job (or how to cut your marketing budget and reach more people) -- Making the transition to the social web (first change your mindset) -- How to let customers say what they really think (and keep your job) -- Step one: observe and create a customer map (otherwise you can't get there from here) -- Step two: recruit community members (with a new toolbox and your own marketing skills) -- Step three: evaluate online conduit strategies (and don't forget search) -- Step four: engage communities in conversation (to generate word of mouse) -- Step five: measure involvement with new tools, techniques (to keep the cutting edge sharp) -- Step six: promote your community to the world (get 'em talking and clicking) -- Step seven: improve the community's benefits (don't just set it and forget it) -- The reputation aggregator strategy (we're number one!) -- The blog strategy (everybody's talking at me) -- The e-community strategy (go to their party or throw your own) -- The social networks strategy (connecting with a click) -- Does facebook matter? (to marketers) -- Living and working in web 4.0 (it's right around the corner). -- ISBN 978-0-470-41097-4


Internet marketing - Online social networks

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